Creative Media Sector

The Creative-Media Sector is consumed more than bread and milk. From waking up to the morning news to listening to the radio in your car, flipping through a magazine, surfing the web or watching your favourite television programme, all of which comprises of creative-media applications.

McDonalds could not sell a burger and Toyota could not sell a car without the intervention of the creative-media sector in formats of design, advertising, radio jingles, film and television and so forth. The media sector is in the center of all industries.

It is also unique in that it is able to stand alone in the form of the entertainment industry, as well as support every sector through design, branding and promotions. The immense growth and strategic positioning of this industry is due to globalisation as well as technological factors such as the internet and mobile devices, which gives industries more effective access to the market via the media sector through television, radio or through mobile devices in the palm of your hand.

About Us

Creative Arts College is an award winning Institute of Excellence which specialises on providing accredited, globally recognised and relevant programmes that will develop a graduate to enter the industry either as a high profiled employee or as an employer. All our courses have a practical focus, thereby giving students hands on experience with equipment and production simulations.

We ensure that all our lecturers are not just qualified and able to teach but also directly involved in the industry. Apart from our industry professional lecturers, students are also visited by SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) and celebrity guests allowing students to learn and network with their idols. Students are also taken out on subject matter excursions where they are given exclusive tours and behind the scenes views and information. We have a comprehensive Quality Management System which ensures a well structured and controlled learning environment.




Creative Arts College is a specialised institute focusing only on the industries we are experts in. “You won’t buy a loaf of bread from a hardware store. So, why should you study a creative subject at a strictly academic institution?”

A critical advantage to our learners is that they have the opportunity to work with other relative faculties as they would in the industry since working in isolation may limit the learners’ potential to succeed in the industry.

Our graduates are sought after by the industry since it is known that our graduates have a superior knowledge and experience in actual industry practices.

Creative Arts College is directly involved in the industry that we are training by producing, directing and facilitating a variety of films, music and other projects.

All our lecturers are “Subject Matter Experts” i.e. they work in the industry they train and not merely lecturing from a textbook. Most of our lecturers are also qualified assessors and moderators (ETDP – SETA).

Our students have a greater chance of succeeding in the industry as they are armed with photoshoots , demo tapes, portfolios and other necessities to enter the industry, not forgetting tons of experience.

Registered learners have access to supporting skills programmes at well below cost, such as “MIC” (music instrument classes) and many more.

GDP (Graduate Development Programme) and free membership to “Launch Pad” offers our graduates guidance and support in succeeding in their chosen field of study once they qualify.

The experience of learning different things by a team of educators who are dedicated, makes me more passionate in all that I am doing here. Creative Arts College provides a good platform, including practicals. From talent shows to spa day, CAC gives students what is needed. It's mind blowing!
I write this very excited and very proud of Creative Arts College. My son Sibusiso graduated in your institution. I am so grateful of what you've made him to be. He has become a great success overseas; this is all through your education and motivation that you laid for him. I wish to encourage people out there that Creative Arts College is the beat, if it worked wonders for my son, surely it can open even better doors for others.
I have achieved so much at Creative Arts College. I have experienced hard work and success. Everything I know is because of this institute. Every week we get the chance to express our talent and skills with the "No Pen Friday" programme held dor learners. I find this school to be very interesting.

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